The Lone Ranger In Media

As I've done research over the years, I never found a list containing all of the Lone Ranger's appearances in media.  That might sound like a daunting task, but I feel I need to define "appearances in media".

"Appearances in media", for our purpose, means anything that continues The Lone Ranger's narrative.  This includes the radio show, serials, movies, television shows, books, and comics.  This does not include personal appearances or cameos of The Lone Ranger or Tonto (i.e. Clayton Moore on "Lassie" or John Hart and Jay Silverheels in "The Phynx").  In the future, I may add a page for personal appearances and cameos, but for now, an appearance must continue the narrative of the character.

Today, I added the the start of these pages.  For radio, serials, movies, and television, I have included the name of the production/series, the airdates or release date, and who played The Lone Ranger and Tonto.  I also included a few notes of interest along the way.  For books, I included the title, author, publisher, and publication year. 

The comics page is still being worked on.  This page will encompass both comic strips and comic books.  Before I started, I had not realized just how many series and single-issue comics had been released over the years.  This page will probably take some time.

The site continues to grow, and I hope that you find the information enjoyable and useful.

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