The Lone Ranger in Serials

The Lone Ranger's first appearance in theaters was in Republic Pictures' 1938 serial "The Lone Ranger".  This would be followed by "The Lone Ranger Rides Again" in 1939.

The Lone Ranger


  • February 12, 1938
  • 15 chapters
  • 4 hours 24 minutes total runtime


    • Lone Ranger - Lee Powell
    • Tonto - Chief Thundercloud (credited as “Chief Thunder-Cloud”)


    • Introduced the origin story of the Texas Ranger patrol being ambushed while pursuing the Cavendish gang and Tonto saving the wounded Ranger.
    • Edited together as a feature film "Hi-Yo Silver".
    • Stanley Andrews appears as Capt. Smith aka Col. Jeffries. He will appear in the 1949 television series.

    The Lone Ranger Rides Again


    • February 25, 1939
    • 15 chapters
    • 4 hours 23 minutes total runtime


      • Lone Ranger - Robert Livingston
      • Tonto - Chief Thundercloud (credited as “Chief Thunder Cloud”)